Lenovo Loq 15 – Everything You Need to Know About this Tech Marvel!

Lenovo LOQ 15
Lenovo LOQ 15


Lenovo, a long-established and reputable name in the gaming laptop world, has recently launched the Lenovo LOQ 15, a strategy aimed at conquering the gaming laptop market.

The special feature of this laptop is that it not only meets design but also the performance requirements exceed expectations, delivering a top-tier gaming experience at an unexpectedly affordable price. It is a significant shift from Lenovo, aimed at breaking down financial barriers and opening the door to high-quality experiences for a wide range of gamers.

Gamers seek perfection in every detail without investing heavily in equipment, the Lenovo LOQ 15, with its balance of cost and quality, promises to be a top choice in the gaming laptop segment.



  • Excellent keyboard
  • Impressive design
  • Good performance
  • Poor battery life
  • Cooling system is quite loud

Specs And Features

  • Model name: Lenovo LOQ 15
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS
  • Graphics Coprocessor: RTX 4060
  • Display: 15.6-inch FHD IPS (3ms)
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • RAM: 64GB DDR5 (dual-channel capable)
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Home
  • Hard Drive: ‎2 TB SSD
  • Webcam: 1080p
  • Ports: USB-C 3.2 Gen 2, USB-A 3.2 Gen 1, 2 x USB-A 3.2 Gen 2, 1x HDMI 2.1b, 1x Headphone/microphone combo jack (3.5mm), Ethernet (RJ45)
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Battery: 60Whr
  • Dimensions: 14.16 x 10.43 x 0.87 inches
  • Weight: ‎5.29 lbs
  • Price: $1,429.99

Design and Exterior

Holding the Lenovo LOQ 15 Gaming Laptop 2023 in my hands, the first thing that strikes me is its design. Lenovo has truly crafted a gaming laptop that is powerful in performance and boasts an impressive exterior.

The machine measures 14.16 x 10.43 x 0.87-0.99 inches, giving it a solid and robust feel right from the first glance. While weighing in at 5.29 lbs, which isn’t the lightest among laptops, the LOQ 15 remains quite portable, making it suitable for mobile gamers and professional users.

Performance of Lenovo LOQ 15

Excellently Meets Gaming Needs
Excellently Meets Gaming Needs

When talking about the performance of the Lenovo LOQ 15, especially regarding its CPU and GPU, there’s a lot I’d like to share. First, let’s talk about the AMD Ryzen 7 CPU. With eight cores, Ryzen 7 is an ideal choice for gaming and very suitable for demanding tasks like video editing or 3D rendering. I’ve tested it with several high-requirement games such as PUBG, LOL, and CSGO, and the results are truly impressive. This CPU handles all tasks smoothly, without any signs of lag or performance drop.

Moving on to the GPU, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 marks a leap in graphic performance. With 8GB GDDR6 and 115W TGP technology, the RTX 4060 elevates the gaming experience to a new level. I am particularly impressed with the capabilities of ray tracing and DLSS. Ray tracing provides extremely realistic lighting and shadow effects, while DLSS enhances FPS without compromising image quality. These are technologies that every gamer and graphic designer desires.

When combining the Ryzen 7 CPU and RTX 4060 GPU, the Lenovo LOQ 15 excellently meets gaming needs and serves well in heavy creative tasks like high-quality video editing or graphic design. I am truly impressed with the balance Lenovo has achieved in this gaming laptop, especially with its strong performance at a very reasonable price.

Featuring a 2TB SSD and Two M.2 slots, this laptop boasts quick boot times and rapid program loading. The substantial storage capacity also allows users to store numerous files, data, and game titles without worrying about running out of space.

Keyboard and Touchpad

LED Backlight Enhances User Experience
LED Backlight Enhances User Experience

The keyboard of the Lenovo LOQ 15 impressed me with its solid key feel and quick response. The LED backlighting enhances the user experience in low-light conditions and adds an aesthetic element to the device. The touchpad is spacious, sensitive, and supports multi-touch, providing a smooth and precise control experience.


The Lenovo LOQ 15 truly stands out with its diverse range of connectivity ports, offering users a flexible and practical experience. Firstly, the USB Type-C port not only supports fast charging for the laptop but also allows for high-speed data transfer, making it an excellent choice for connecting with external SSD storage devices or even high-bandwidth terminal equipment. The USB Type-A ports ensure smooth connections with mice, keyboards, and many other accessories, helping users create a complete gaming setup or work with multiple devices simultaneously. The 3.5mm audio jack on the device ensures a solid connection with headphones or external speakers, providing a high-quality sound experience essential for gaming or movie watching. Lastly, the HDMI port expands the Lenovo LOQ 15’s usability by enabling easy connection to external monitors or TVs, perfect for watching movies on a large screen or extending the workspace with a multi-monitor environment. All these features make the Lenovo LOQ 15 an ideal choice for gamers and meet the diverse needs of professional users.

Display & Audio

The 15.6-inch FHD display
The 15.6-inch FHD Display

When I tried playing a high-graphic game on the Lenovo LOQ 15, the experience was truly impressive. The 15.6-inch FHD display with high resolution delivers extremely sharp images, where every small detail in the game is displayed, from the dazzling neon lights of the city to the complex textures of character costumes. The colors on the screen are vivid and realistic, creating a colorful and immersive game world.

The 144Hz refresh rate of the screen further enhances this experience. When moving quickly in the game or during intense shooting scenes, the image remains smooth and uninterrupted, helping me keep up with the game flow without disruption. It is especially important in situations that require quick and precise reactions.

The sound from the speakers of the Lenovo LOQ 15 also contributes to making the gaming experience complete. The sound emitted from the speakers is very clear and rich, complementing the lively background music of the game. This combination of high-quality images and sound provides me with an immersive and engaging gaming experience as if I am truly living in the world of the game.

Another highlight of the Lenovo LOQ 15 is its 15.6-inch FHD screen. With a brightness of up to 350 nits and anti-glare capabilities, this screen delivers sharp images and allows for easy use even in strong light conditions. The nearly bezel-less design of the screen also creates a sense of a vast space, opening up a world of vivid and realistic images right before your eyes.


Charge up your 60Whr battery in a heartbeat—from 0 to 30% in 10 minutes, 0 to 70% in 30 minutes, and 0 to 100% in 80 minutes. The battery life of the Lenovo LOQ 15 is quite impressive for a gaming laptop, capable of supporting a basic workday. However, the battery life can decrease when running heavy tasks such as gaming.


Lenovo LOQ 15 Gaming Laptop
Lenovo LOQ 15 Gaming Laptop

I have some observations to share after using and testing the integrated FHD webcam on the Lenovo LOQ 15. Firstly, regarding image quality, this webcam satisfied me during video calls and online conferences. The images appeared sharp and clear, especially in well-lit conditions. However, the image quality diminishes in low light conditions, becoming somewhat blurred and less intense.

A major plus for this webcam is its camera cover mechanism. In today’s digital age, this feature provides an important layer of security, giving users more peace of mind regarding their privacy.

Overall, the Lenovo LOQ 15 webcam is suitable for basic needs such as video calls and online conferences. Still, you might need an external webcam solution if you are a professional user requiring high image quality in all lighting conditions and more customization options. However, for a gaming laptop, this webcam is still a useful feature, especially with its security-focused camera cover.


The Lenovo LOQ 15 is a valuable gaming laptop with strong performance, robust design, and a great user experience. From the high-quality keyboard and touchpad to the sharp display and dynamic sound system, everything is optimized for an excellent gaming experience. The high-quality webcam and stable battery life further enhance its value. The Lenovo LOQ 15 is sure to satisfy even the most demanding gamers.

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