EveryReview.com was founded with the idea of giving people independent, unbiased and to-the-point reviews on products and services that they may be interested in buying. Since the start of the internet users have got access to a vast amount of information on products and making sense of this information can be tricky with people saying conflicting things and retailers mentioning only the good points of products and services. We are set up to help you get the real deal and see both the positives and negatives of the products and services.

We work on our three simple principles and make sure each review we publish meets these criteria:

  • Honest, unbiased and independent
  • To the point
  • Easy to read and understand

We know that there is a lot of jargon around in product reviews, especially technology-based products and so we make sure we explain each term as well as have a jargon buster section of our site which explains any term we have used on our site.

We are a community of people looking to help people make informed decisions and we welcome people who would like to contribute to our site, if you would like to write a review for a product or write an article please get in touch with us via the contact page.

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The EveryReview Team